Sunday, March 15, 2009

Back on the road, biking again...

It had been a very long time since I've been on the road with my bike. There's something about a ride, and more so a lone ride that gives you the "space" your mind needs.

Work, and more importantly a sense of lethargy and laziness kept me putting any bike ride off. The mind knew it needed a break...a lone ride.
Maybe I was just looking for an excuse... a way to get out of the "lazy" frame of mind.
This time the excuse was my colleague's wedding at Kanakapura, about 50 Kms from Bangalore.

Started around 9:30AM and went straight to the wedding hall without any stops. The road's neat with some nice curves n bends to swoop around.

The wedding was nice with my friend all smiles (he was getting married ), had sumptuous vegetarian food.

Other colleagues of mine headed back to Bangalore, and I continued on towards Talakadu. The roads were decent most of the time with the occasional real bad patch.
The heat was already unbearable, but somehow it did not affect me too much...maybe it was the feeling of being free, having space around air :)

Reached a small bridge over the Arkavati river near a village called Halagur.
The typical river side... kids playing in the water, women washing clothes, cattle being given their bath

Saw this fisherman who had caught some eels, and seeing a aquarium fish net in my hand..almost made fun of me (you're going to catch fish with that )

Looked more of the M.armatus

Where there is water, there are bound to be dragonflies, and this one allowed me to click a nice closeup.

Was seeing a lot of Garra Sp., Rosy barbs and Rasbora daniconius swimming the shallow waters. Tried clicking a few too.

The rosy barbs found my feet interesting and were pecking at them (first time I saw Rosy barbs do this, have seen Garra sp. do this very often)

The kids and a few girls there got interested and joined me in trying to net a few of the fish. The rosy barb males were stunning with the reds and the black tipped fins.

We caught a few Rosy barbs only to photograph them...after which they were released back.

Went further downstream and found some Aplocheilus panchax swimming around. Brought back a few juveniles.

The kiddos went all bananas seeing their pic after posing for this shot

The weather was getting better now...with the clouds giving some form of shade.
Stopped again at a lake with a few hillocks forming a nice backdrop.

Spotted lots of birds here... (excuse the quality of these, taken from my Sony H2 and heavily cropped!)

The Indian open-bill stork

Black Ibis

Intermediate egrets, Sandpipers, little cormorants.

The spot-bill pelicans giving us a lane-discipline lesson ;)

Sat there at the lake bed for some time enjoying the serene, calm and very quiet place.
It was 3 now and started the ride back home...stopping once in a while to take a few clicks of the terrain. The terrain was showing the effects of summer..all brown n rugged.

Talked to a few locals and got to see the silkworm culturing unit...fascinating is the word.

Half way back to bangalore..stopped over at a turn and tried to take a few panning shots.

The other side..

Refreshed and very tired (yes one can be both at the same time ), reached home at 5 PM, and then the evening showers brought down the temperature. A small nap and the energy levels were back again

Clicked a few of my fish while snacking on some munchies... and what a Sunday it was !

Till the next ride...



santasizing...Fantasizing said...

What pictures:)...and what a day:)...only u r capable of managing the refreshment and the tiredness together:)

Sandeep said...

lovely account man.. nice shots!

Chethan Hegde said...

You had a great day... Nice shots...

Umesh U V said...

As usual stunning photographs from your shotgun ;)


Vivek said...

Yes it is the lethargy more than the work which stops us from doing what we want the most... Look at me.. haven't stepped out for ages.. Well this trip of yours has inspired me and next week am gonna do something

Wonderful pics...

vishak said...

Reading this article itself is refreshing, wonder how it would be to experience it. Nice article