Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hearing the jets roar

Aero India has always been an event much awaited! By many aero, photo buffs for reasons all their own.

Some like the "technology", some the "aerobatics".
Hearing the jets roar does send the heart rate through the roof, the aerobatics and the photo-ops are just the "cherry on the cake" :)

When Aero India came back to the Yelahanka airforce base, the excitement was back and so was my eagerness to pay the metal birds a visit. But the schedule at work wasn't helping/conducive.

After much last minute planning we headed out for a half-day session to the airforce base. The planning/co-ordination there left much to be desired, causing us to lose some precious time of the few hours we had planned out.

The first sounds of the jets helped all that disappointment go to the "backburners" so to speak :D

The jets in the able hands of these daredevil pilots had all the people glued to the skies! The sounds of the jet exhaust and the crackling air made me scream out in excitement, much to the amusement of other spectators. The ones who shared my enthusiasm shared a smile :)

Had my Sigma 150-500 and was hoping to get some "up-close" shots. The light was plenty but the air had a lot of "haze" thanks to the exhaust and the smoke trails left behind by the flying metal birds.

Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience (yet again!) - will let the pictures help experience some of the excitement :)

The jets

One of the most satisfying images of the day!

The Sigma certainly did help with the extra reach :)

The red bull flying team providing some awesome aerial control at close quarters

The sarang team pushing the ALH to it's performance edge

A face-to-face showdown

Some of the flying birds which flew on the day
1. LCA - Tejas
3. IJT - had seen this practise from our office premises too :)
4. F16 - Falcon
5. F18 - hornet
6. EUROFIGHTER - typhoon
7. SU-30 - Sukhoi

Missed watching the SAAB Gripen and the suryakirans.

The jetliner category was hotly contested with even Sukhoi entering the fray
Hope you enjoyed these. Thanks to the air force in bringing us these fabulous opportunities to the passionate civilians!

Security measures were taken care of well and so were the cleanup crew helping keep the premises free of debris and the resulting birds trying to scavenge on leftovers.

The next visit here definitely will have to be a full day affair, this time came back wanting so much more ;)

Till the next ride..



Vyas said...

Amazing stuff...Once again!!!!!

Vyas said...

Amazing stuff!!

Ravi said...

Awesome experience Hayath! Wish I should make it next time. Thanks for sharing :-)

Deepak said...

I think it is the Eurofighter with moon in the backdrop ... just too awesome, can't get any better :)

deepakbrid said...

One word - Excellent!!! :)

I got a few shots of the Suryakiran & SAAB a day before the show. I had to skip the main show :(

Vishak said...

Amazing Hayath. Superb shots. I think u missed mentioning the SAAB GRIPEN.

Sriram said...

Lovely pics there Hayath !

Gaur said...

Amazing shots!

shalini said...

once again superb shots with your new bazooka (150-500 mm). ustaad :)

mahe said...

Hello Hayath..... the satisfyin pic is so superb that i kept watchin it..... Cool click... The last few were also so good.. especially the trails left behind.... An awesome show was it,seems like... n I missed it...:(

thepluginguy said...

Awesome!! Your blog posts and the Flickr photo stream are always a treat to the eye!

Umesh said...

Deadly as always...was at the air show...but I'm getting to see them better in your pics.....classy stuff man.......Umax

Ajay said...

As always.... BRILLIANT....!!!

Your work is a perfect example of .... "Follow your heart and listen to your soul... and u can create masterpieces, each time... every time..."

Hayath said...

Thanks much my dear friends, glad you enjoyed these :)
Sure was a cracking event to be at!

I surely suggest you do make it for 2013, highly recommended ;)

The Gripen did not fly when we were there :(

Do not miss it the next time!

Thanks a lot for those truly inspiring words, hoping heart does lead to a good future :)