Monday, November 14, 2011

Inaugural shoot with folks @ Yodlee

Photography and love for nature go hand in hand, we @ Yodlee decided we would have a photoshoot @ lalbagh to kickstart the meetups of shutterbugs and nature lovers.

Lalbagh is a unique place, right in the heart of the city and yet has varied and rich flora and fauna.

Meeting at 6:30AM on a cold Saturday morning probably offset some of the excitement resulting in just the three of us - Rajesh, Saurav and I meeting up. But hey! was a start nonetheless :)

Kicked-off the "click-a-thon" with the morning light off the lake providing for some nice silhouettes :)

Play of light

Moving around the periphery of the lake noticed a good number of Pond herons and cormorants.

This lesser cormorant drying off it's wings after a underwater dive

The greater cormorant


The Indian cormorant with it's beautiful eyes

Moving on towards the lily pond we saw a lone pelican perched up and these ducks enjoying their morning bath. Made for some nice Photo ops

The male with the beautiful green sheen

A checkered keelback swimming back with it's tummy full (of fish!)
Rajeh's pic

Water sources always are a hub for bird and insect life. We got a few nice closeups of some willing models :)

The common myna - reminds me of the italians ;)

This lil' Ashy prinia

Purple moorhen

With a truckload of shots, time flew and we refueled with some water and fruits. It was then time to shift to the macro lens.

The kite spider

The yellows providing a nice background

Content and glad we kickstarted it, promised each other that we should do it with a regular frequency.

Rajesh's lovely set with the morning views and moods can be found @ Rajesh's flickr set

Adios till the next ride/shoot!


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Angad Achappa said...

I loved the images bro, especially the one titled 'play of light'. :)