Saturday, July 28, 2012

Plagiarism - the sickening truth

I was pretty shocked when a friend of mine sent me a screencap with my image used and then attributed to Aquapress Bleher.

The latest plagiarism stunt in PFK's Definitive guide to Channa.
I have great regard for the team at PFK for it being the single most source of a ton of information for hobbyists of all levels. Seeing the image on a PFK article is something I would've loved, but not in these circumstance(s). They were kind enough to respond back soon with a statement that the images came from Heiko Bleher.

The second image in the first row is mine

Did someone happen to "place" it in Aquapress' image library too?

Below is the link of the "original" image and the accompanying pictures during the field trip.

I willfully give my images to people who are courteous enough to ask, but instances like these are what triggered me into using copyright symbols in my images.

I am appalled seeing plagiarism at work from a name I've read so much as a hobbyist about. The levels the so-called "Explorers" can stoop down to can surprise you.



Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
as explained, I am sorry but the picture was given to me and without name, and therfore I apologize.
But I must mention also that I place hundreds (or better thousands) of my pictures in fb and hundreds (or thousands) use them without asking me, and if I were to claim everyone, I had nothing else to do in my live. The best is not show any of your pictures anywhwere and also do not give them to anyone, and if you do, make sure it is a reliable person who, if it passes your picture on, that this person tells the receiver that he MUST ASK YOU for permission first - before ussing it.
This just for your information, as I dio this all my live.
Sorry again, still very best regards
Heiko Bleher
(there you can see over 10,000 photso which people used around the globe...).

Hayath said...

Coming from someone who used a stolen image in an article which he derived money out of - I wouldn't even heed to any of the words you wrote.

The internet and the multitude of "friends" it brings is just too passionate. The joy of sharing with fellow like minded hobbyists is something plagiarists will never fathom.

I have given out enough images to people who've been courteous enough to ask!
Having a copyright symbol on my images is the maximum I will go to...stopping sharing - NEVER!