Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bringing "Bob" home

Fish are dear to me, have provided me source of inspiration and a great hobby to pursue - keeping my sanity levels in check (or should that be insanity?)

Aleena had a liking towards fish too, she would be enchanted by their movement and colors. This image which I had envisioned for a very long time made possible by dear wifey after a quick "director's explanation" :)

Was visiting Nikhil's facility when the super moment occurred - Aleena saw bettas and decided she'd want one for herself. She sifted through the many packets and picked one. She was sure she wanted this particular fish - for herself!

The joy on the face was something to behold, warmed the cockles of my heart
Setup a quick 18"x9"x9" tank, hoping to convert it into a decent scape.

Managed to snap a few of the pretty Betta, what Aleena has named "Bob" :)

Bob has already made this tank his "home", building his own bubble nest.
While here Bob has had multiple delicacy options including Aleena's fave - Biryani
Thankfully the tank is out of reach, as of now ;)


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