Thursday, November 3, 2016

Exploring Lakshmanateertha and Cauvery!

Late, as usual but here's a quick narration nonetheless :)

Pradeep picked me up and the first stop was at Kamat for breakfast. Faces both old and new to catch up on, time flew quick as we gulped down the preferred dishes (Mysuru Masala dosa, Idly Vada, Pongal, Plain dosa,etc.)
A group shot to get it rolling!

Reached Mysore in relatively quick time where Deepak and Abhilash guided us onto the next couple of spots along the Lakshmanateertha river.
The humidity had built up but didnt deter us from "casting" our first nets.

Nikhil trying some underwater videos

Spotted quite a few Gambusia

Got some Aplocheilus panchax and Pethia conchonius

Moved on to the next spot, pickings were slim!

Focused my lens on a few of our fellow aquarists

Madan and Pradeep

Preetam doing a Shikari shambu :)

Navneeth doing his take on "net" shading

Deepak not one to be left far behind

Clicking the clicker - Pradeep!

The gang trying to look for various approach routes

Well packed fishing material

Bidding goodbye to Lakshmanateertha

We decided we'll head straight towards Kushalnagar to explore a couple of waterbodies. Lunch stop before we got there!

Path leading to the stream which turned out to be a treat!

I snorkeled around a bit catching some glimpses of some brightly colored Tadpoles and a few super sized Garras. Had to leave behind my phone and the camera. The remaining images are from Vimal's phone, a sneak peak on how beautiful this location on the banks of the Cauvery was!

We were able to spot many Garras, some Aplocheilus panchax, Pseudosphromenus cupanus and a couple of brilliantly patterned Mesonoemacheilus guentheri.

With the sun setting rapidly we went onto another location for one last dip of the nets! Yet another picturesque location! Vimal's pics yet again

A few Giant danios and Barilius gatensis

Happy to have spent good time outdoors we headed back to Bangalore, the traffic along Mysore road proving to be a minor irritation. A final stop for dinner at Ramanagaram marked the end of a wonderful day out with passionate hobbyists in the lap of nature :)

Apologies if I've mixed image credits anywhere, completely unintentional.


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