Friday, May 11, 2018

Summer rains!

Summer in India has always been about memories. Childhood meant a lot of free time, getting to play with friends for the whole day. Growing up it became synonymous with mangoes.

With Bangalore losing out a lot of green cover and traffic woes the summer rains are always bitter sweet. The showers bring back the freshness, reduce dust in the air and makes everything a little nicer.
An early morning walk post the rain is a treat for all the senses.

Blue skies with high winds spreading the clouds thin

Blooms around!
Colors @ lalbagh


The cicadas after emerging and the cacophony of calling together can seriously ring your ears!
Cicada moults

Mothers preparing to give the best to the progeny
Two tailed spider, with egg clutch

Freshly hatched juveniles/nymphs around make for promising beginnings
Freshly hatched Owlfly larvae

Pentatomidae, fresh from the egg clutch

Green lynx spider - Peucetia viridans, slings

Emerging winged termites provide a feast to many
Oxyopes shweta on a winged termite kill

Juvenile millipedes on tree bark

A huge grass mantis!
Grass mantis

Stick insect
Stick insect

The short burst in abundance of flowers benefits the whole food chain
Crab spider with a common crow butterfly as prey

Jewel bug, being carried by Crazy yellow ants to the nest

Monsoon showers have their own magic but the summer showers hold something up their sleeve too :)

Until next time!


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Krishna said...

beautiful capture Hayath...
all frames are have so much details...