Sunday, October 14, 2007

Photography and how it's changed me

Being a software engineer by profession, the week goes pretty much monotone with a hectic schedule to keep up at office.
Office politics, inefficient project management, long hours of toil and many many more things do push you sometimes to the brink of insanity.

You do need to break out of it sometimes, and for me every weekend provides me with just that opportunity to keep my sanity intact for a week more :D

About a year back, my uncle who was visiting me from the states, gifted me a point&shoot sony cybershot DSC-S75 3.3MP
That was as they say "the license (to shoot)". Digital gave me to the license to shoot anything and everything that I saw. That gave me a whole new perspective of looking at things, looking at details, looking for finer things. Have always had an artistic inclination, but never looked at a canvas to put it onto.

Started of initially with photographing fish (my other passion)
What Clowns do best...


My office-mates call me very very "fast-paced" and highly energetic. Someone who likes living life very fast, and to an extent they are correct. I love riding fast (on roads which permit me to), design-develop and test software very fast, impatient in some aspects... so on and so forth.

With photography, began to take my camera on my weekend bike rides. Helped me capture the sights n feel of the ride. Started to focus a bit more on the finer details of photography (which is basically all of optical physics and their governing laws). This somehow instilled a very important quality in me PATIENCE.



It also helped me look at things in a whole new light, how the same "eye" can look at things so differently. If an "eye" could be so different, imagine "opinions" and "views" :)

Hairy back

Began to appreciate people's views more (not that I didnt earlier, but a lot more now). The shots that I would get back from the ride would serve as a "pseudo-sanctuary" for me as in it would help me go back to that place just by looking at them. Reliving the solitude of the place, the feel.

Some of the macro shots would involve a lot of effort in terms of patience and the number of clicks to get that "right one", but when they come off I feel GREAT !
My colleagues and friends would always utter "you and having so much patience to get these kind of shots, 'impossible' and I would smile to myself and tell myself 'exactly :)'"

The flying machine

I still ride fast, still develop fast, believe in living life to the fullest...

Speed !!!!!!!!!!

........but now also switch into reverse gear on the weekends, letting life pass me by, stopping to smell the rose, watch the dragonflies fly, watching the birds play out their daily rituals on a tree branch.

Green bee eater

You can watch many many more shots on my flickr photostream here -


Ashpal said...

Hey!! this is really awesome... I read the whole blog.. its so real!
keep writing... keep sharing... :-)

angad said...

the start of an old hobby!! since you've already written quite a bit about fish!! :D .. nice work buddy!!
Angad Achappa

Vinay said...

Lovely write up Hayath...I do relate myself to an extent with what youve written here too....Lack of patience is something that makes me falter too often.I am very new into the shutterbug,but i already see myself learning to look around more patiently....It started with the fish too when id just sit with the cam to get a decent shot of the fast swimming beauties and waiting around to click the right snap...repeatedly clicking on the same subject in order to get that one good shot...Have never been too artistic but i believe this hobby helps you slowly look at the bigger picture of an ordinary surrounding.the one thing ive realised in the last few months ever since ive gotten into the finer points of photography is.....its one way of coming close to nature and appreciating the greener picture outside the urban life :-)Good luck


Hayath said...

Thank you so much Roshni, Angad and Vinay :-)

Could not agree with you more Vinay, hobbies do more than just calm you down, they teach you a lot of things in a subtle way which would take a very long time to learn !


Ashpal said...

Hey Hi....i'm so speechless.. the photography has come out really amazingly I wish I was with you on your trip..too good.. keep it up...:-)

prajwala said...

ustaad....i call him :)
after seeing this blog im glad i chose the right name...very inspiring blog n ur write up too..keep up the great work... all the very best..