Friday, November 30, 2007


For most of the weekend was unable to get out for birding or photography. Was feeling a little different not having "gone anywhere". I really have become a "habitual clicker" on the weekends atleast. I guess it's my version of spending some time with myself and nature. I simply have to do it on the weekend to have a complete weekend !

Done with most of the home chores, was past noon and had some time on my hands!
Was then that I thought I'd go somewhere nearby to shoot raptors.

Thought of a small dam on Kanakapura road that I know boasts of a good number of kites. But then going there in the mad noon traffic and the hot sun, I trashed the destination.

Mom hinted Madivala lake with the hordes of pelicans that had made the news in the papers. But on INW (, there were a few people who were troubled by the staff @ the lake for photographing. Did not want to run into trouble as I usually shoot alone. So this also was dropped.

And the next spot was right in the midst of Bangalore and always provides me something everytime I go there. And did not involve a lot of travelling either. A nice sized water body and lots of greenery around... Lalbagh it would be for the next couple of hours or so.

I had shooting raptors in mind and with the sun almost on it's horizon, I could get light on the flying machines only in some angles... but then again something's better than nothing (had I just stayed back home).

There were a lot of kites around... the Pariah kite and the very beautiful Brahminy fishing kite. With the lovely golden brown wings and a nice white head, it's our own very version of the Bald Eagle.
These are supposed to have evolved from the sea eagles and to this day retain some of the features.... excellent fish hunting skills, strong flyers, well suited tallons for grabbing onto prey !

Got some shots of the kites gliding around.

The brahminy kite for all this while way out of reach for the camera's reach. But when it did start gliding it got so near above me that I almost fell off behind trying to keep it within the viewfinder. The effort paid off with this shot of this lovely flying machine that is called the Brahminy kite

Was already feeling content having got atleast one decent shot. And it started getting better.

Watching the kites soar, I saw something which simply did not look like a kite. Looking closely I was thrilled to recognise it as a gliding pelican.

One, then two, then three of them descended down to the Lalbagh lake.

With their huge wingspan, they look marvellous in the sky.

And with their grace in the water, look fabulous swimming too !

Watched them hunt down a few fish and gulp them down with their pouch-like lower beak. They do like the company of each other and swim around in groups.

Content having seen our own raptors and the pelicans, came back home for a nice lunch.
And then it was siesta time with a very rare afternoon nap.

Adios till the next ride :)



Ridhi said...

Heya Hayath! I would suggest you go to Madivala lake. I have been there once and nobody bothered me. Just go towards the edge of the lake towards the right. there's a coracle fisherman there who's very sweet. We saw a pied kingfisher, a spot-billed pelican spot-billed duck [I think] and the usual suspects - purple moor hen, pond heron, purple heron, cattle egret [non breeding plumage] and a very chirpy Ashy Prinia :)I think there were many Brahminy Kites and other raptors [too far away for us to identify for sure] as well.

Thanks for sharing the pics. Some of them are outstanding. Do check out

It's a blog I set up for the birding trips I make with my friend :)

Hayath said...

Thanks Ridhi!

Have been to Madivala lake a couple of times...was the first place I spotted the marsh harrier. The side you're talking about has been fenced in now (i think) and access restricted.
Pelicans are almost a sure shot sighting and there were reports of some of them having formed breeding colonies on the islet there.

Nice of you to have dropped by :)