Friday, May 9, 2008

Long time no see !

That is what most of you would be thinking :-) "IF" you still happen to remember me ;-)

Been about 6 months now since I changed jobs and that has a lot to do with me having very minimal time online. Flickr has been reduced to just uploading pictures taken and viewing comments !

Has been a very long time, so the report would be really "looooooooooooooooong" :-)

New place.... new responsibilities... was getting used to it when Dad fell ill around new years time and ushered in the new year @ hospital by dad's side.

Have tons of work at my new workplace (Yodlee) which leaves me with very limited time to network with by buddies I share my hobbies with - Fishkeeping and Photography.
Plus with the net connection @ home gone, there was no way I could really catch up.

Have been riding out on my bike a LOT, which for me "puts back the sanity my work week takes away" :)

Now that the connection @ home is back, BSNL's broadband, intend to get back to interacting with people I learn and share my work with.

So here's what I've been doing or has been happening -

October/November 2007 -
Left my previous company (Verisign), and to celebrate headed out to Sangam for some biking and shooting. Tons of fun, lovely Masal Dosas, lots of rain and riding.

The road to..

Sangam landscapes


Gushing valleys

Then it was Bandipur/Mysore with my friends on Rajyotsava day-

Hysterical smile

Got to shoot the Mysore palace all decked up with a handheld shot :D

Mysore palace decked up

Found a Turkey which I could piss-off :)


During the boat ride, a group of larger cormorants accompanied us. Was nice to see just the heads above water. They really are supremely well designed for the wet life.

Greater cormorants

Backlit Langur

Saw this little one clinging onto it's mom.

Langur affection

Pond @ Bandipur

December 2007 -
Went out with Bangalore Travel Photographers to Bangalore University


The block where my Mom did her M.A. in psychology

Next on was a lone ride to Manchinabele, with decent roads and tons of birdlife around (I mean the avian kind ;-) )

Inviting roads

Egret reflection

Cattle Egret

Indian Silverbill

Jerdons bushlark

Brilliant white !

Pelican glide

Jungle babblers

Pied Kingfisher

And what are you looking at !!

Then the Christmas day ride along NICE road sprung me a nice marshy place

Marshy scapes

Female robin

Loved the way this little plant had the interleaved leaves
Nature's Art

After Dad returned back home from the hospital, wanted to take a break, which translates to a ride and a shoot for me. This time I took TG Halli as I had been wanting to go there for quite a while.

Morning @ TG Halli

Brahminy take off

Giant wood spider

Calm reflections

Then a couple of weekend later it was Hebbal and a ride towards Devanahalli
Winter visitors @ Hebbal

Nandi scapes

Winding roads

March of the CUTE army

Republic day and this time had flower show in mind, but not before I headed out on Kanakapura road for a few shots of the lakes with the morning mist

Misty mornings

Misty mornings 2

Then came all the macros I could shoot
Nature's art

With people and the heat piling on, moved outdoors
White cheeked barbet

Dragonfly wing

February 2008 -
Another mysore trip, this time covering Ranganathittu and Kokkarebellur

The Red Village

Sowing rice

Nest material

Basking Giant

Spoonbill group

March 2008 -
Rode to Kanakapura again for some Masala dosas.

Run of Joy !

Smile - a curve that sets a lot of things straight

The freedom of flight

Some weekends later, went to Lalbagh to shoot some Pelicans (with the camera)
Pelican take-off !

Splash n kill

April 2008 -
Started with a trip to Coorg. Did not spot much wildlife, enjoyed the trip to the core. Awesome sunrise, lovely drive, great company which I would never forget and a trip that I'm glad I made.

Through the woods

Say Cheese !

Reached this place called Kakkabe estate with a lovely view at the base of Thadiyendamol peak

Palace Estate, Kakkabe

Morning mist

Fish and Aquariums -
On the fishy front, lots been happening. Got lots of new fish, have been planning to take the count of 14 tanks higher, haven't got the time to sit down and make my tanks :-(

Caught a Channa Striata with my almost bare hands
Channa Striata

Got my friend's Nikon D40 to take some of my fishy shots

My Paradise fish bred, a shot of the babies hanging with their tail out from the bubble nest

To really enjoy watching the development of life, one can see this video hosted on PhotoBucket which shows the fish fry developing thru their first 21 days of life as an egg :)¤t=7e9b9e04.flv

Personal side -
Have been way too caught up with work. Which means I enjoy and value my free time all the more.

Have been immensely touched by "Winged Migration" and "Baraka".
Fell in love with Nick Cave's To be by your side with visuals from the movie.

Have been religiously following this series Caught in the moment on Animal planet

Hope you all are doing well too, would love to hear from you all :)



Manoj said...

Hayath, Your photos dipict exemplary sense of art and a keen interest in photography. Very beautiful pics... :)

Aqua said...

Excellent pics there, Hayath. Hope to see more. Keep up the passion!

Anonymous said...

Hey hayath,

its good to have you back... and kicking hard :)

amazing set of pictures!

Master said...

Awesome photoshots. Didn't knew you were a professional photographer, while you have been a software professional.

Very professional stuff. Very nice.