Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The breakaway weekend!

That's exactly what the weekend that passed was. Crazy, hectic and outrageous are a few words that could remotely describe the work pressure at office having me work 15-17 hours a day, for more than a month!
Being so outdoor inclined, staying indoors without a good "breather" does make me cranky and slightly disoriented, plus down goes the productivity.

Took a couple of days off from work to "get the sanity back". And what better way than a lone ride...the open roads, wind in your hair, birds in the trees.......
Woke up a little late, but yet managed to make some good ground and reached Kanakapura for breakfast with some lip smacking Masala dosa. Moved on to explore the areas around the small town which boasts of some nice landscapes and decent amount of wildlife.

Quite a good number of lakes exist around and went about lake-hopping. Water is always and amazing element, offers good photo ops, both with respect to birding as well as people.
Where there is water, there is fishing!

And good amount of birds

Lesser cormorants

With a grey heron

Pied wagtail

Some kind of a pipit(?)

The brahminy kite

Probably one of the better shots I ever got of this species

The dry climate lending some nice earthy colors

The baked lake bed and the newly sprouting grass does evoke emotions! Talk about hope, making way for the new, etc.

Insects, amphibians and reptiles

Dragonflies in good numbers :D

These mating dragonflies which I captured earlier

Signature spider

Oh and did I mention people too :D

Lillies filled the small lake

Also saw some Ottelia sp ih the corners/edges of the lake

Some vals

Ambulia (?)

Egeria densa

The nice landscapes as I rode around

The yellow flowers of this tree making it stand out in the landscape

Spotted some Oryzias dancena with their "light-like" eyes glowing in the sun on the surface

Just as I was shooting these, happened to miss the low flying raptor (could anyone ID it please?)

And then some nice greens

Mangoes...the summer speciality

A few shepherds made for some good subjects

Call this the true art of "chilling", blazing hot sun, lie down under your umbrella with a nice breeze sweeping across

My bike facing some traffic problems :D

The sheep with some attitude!

The blazing hot sun failed to dampen the "riding" spirit on the day and I completed a good 300+ Kms on my bike. Lots of tender coconut helped matters too!

Felt REAL good, the screaming winds at speed I think take out all the clutter from the head :) :D
Returned home in the evening with a super tan, but a refreshed mind. A shower and a quick nap, and was all set to plan for the next day.

Headed out to Mysore with family (had not spent anywhere close to enough time with them for the last month or more!) and checked into a resort, spending the rest of the day in the pool cooling off. Lying around in the pool doing nothin else sure is some definition of a holiday ;)
Next day morning was set for Ranganathittu bird sanctuary...THE place for nesting birds. The little islets there become a beehive of breeding activity with every little available space heavily competed for.

This time round saw lots of Painted storks, Openbills, Spoonbills. Missing in action were the River terns and the stone plovers.

Pond heron in breeding plumage


Cattle egret

Great egret

The breeding dress was the fashion of the season

Tons of shots of the painted storks

Sparring for nesting material

Openbilled storks


The gang rock

White ibis

Had wanted to shoot a flying bat for a long time, and it happened this time :)

Too bad the sun was behind the bat :(

And a healthy number of crocs

Returned home by nightfall totally refreshed and happy that I did spend some time with the much ignored camera, and spent some good time outdoors.

Adios till the next ride :)

Note: Remember to take time off to refresh and rejuvenate!!



headbanger said...

i think u have inspired me enough to take a break from the mundane life and take stroll around.

rajasekar said...

WOW hyath awesome photography. Going green with envy. Keep it up chum


Sujoy said...


Lovely Pics....Hope I can make trips like you have been able to...

Best Regards


Chethan Hegde said...

Very nice,
Even dry Parthenium flower is looking good in your snaps. :)

Ravi said...

Hey Hayath...

Awesome pictures and yet another wonderful photography demonstrated :-) Good luck!

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

awesome like always..
my fave,that barbed wire..and the open winged kite

soooperstar..(remember the name i gave you???)

goutham said...

Awesome picutres maga!! too good

goutham said...
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Vyas said...

Salut My friend!!

shrishail said...

Soooper Pics.. Jahapana Tussi gr8 ho...Keep it up..

Anonymous said...

Really very nice and awesome pics :)Keep it up :)

Abdulla syed said...

Heartfull of good snaps for a trip. All good.

Hayath said...

Thank you folks, value your comments and appreciations :)

doesnt take much mate, go out!


Trips like these help refresh. I hope you do make it often :)

Thanks Saar. Flowers are beautiful, even after drying ;)

Thanks mate.Had loads of fun clicking these

Thank you thank you :D

Thanks Annavre! Glad to see your visit

Gracias my friend.

Thanks maga, to tohfa khubul kijiye :D :P

Glad to see you here!

Thanks bro.

kavitha said...

Awesome stuff... office must seem rather boring after this...

Prabhu M said...

Really cool pics.... Made me realise that I too have to take time off from office regularly.

Girish Sridhara said...

awesome pics , hats off!

Hayath said...

Thanks Kavitha, office aint that bad after all! Pays for the trips ;) :P
But yeah, it's a jungle out here ;) !!

Thanks Prabhu,too kind. Welcome to the blog :)

Anonymous said...
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iggy said...

Hiya Hayath,
Great escapades.
Lovely pictures of birds and more.

I am particularly interested in the habitats of Pristolepis marginata that you explored.
What plants did you find in some of these habitats?
Look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

good post..................................................

Anonymous said...


雅伯 said...
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Anonymous said...

Lets cross the bridge when we come to it..................................................

紫倫妍勳 said...
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Anonymous said...
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