Friday, August 20, 2010

The "tiny" world

The world is a very big place with lots to see...lots of sights to take in, wonder at. Landscapes provide the vast views, wildlife provides unpredictability and beauty.

The world as a fact is ruled by bugs (some men think otherwise!) There are many more bugs to each square mile than any other life form. Have always been fascinated by bugs (including the ones in software :D :P ) and a borrowed macro lens from Ajay a friend of mine helped me peep into their world a little more.

And having a garden helped a great deal. Following are some of the bugs found in my garden. Enjoy!

They say having a sense of wonder is one magical capability we humans possess. How often does one wonder how the eyes of a common fly look like!

Why do flies manage to avoid potentially fatal swipes?

The compound eyes plus the "hair" that act as sensors :)

Spiders, have seen atleast 6 varieties (yet to ID many)

Lynx spider guarding it's nest on the underside of a leaf

The tiny jumping spider

Yet to ID

The "victim" of a spider - sucked out dry!

This lovely ant-mimicking spider

Caterpillars of all shapes n hues

This super tiny one

Ants of all sizes

This one laying eggs and guarding it ferociously

This is how ants rest

Red ant black ant

Bothering the pair that were ready to lay eggs


Flexing before take off

This first-timer for me, has an almost unicorn-like hard "crown"

Mosquitoes..we all love to hate 'em, and in fact only the females need blood; the males get by on fuilds from plants

Miscellaneous ones which I could not categorise :D

Reminds me of a hermit crab that "adds adornments" to it's mobile home

The honey bee with the pollen all over it

The macro lens provides a fantastic means of watching them up close through the view finder. Shooting these is super tough with a macro lens, this is how "thin" the plane of focus is at f10!

A special word of gratitude to Ajay who allowed me to play around with the lens. and as always bow down to mother nature for the lovely sights.

The saying "god is in the details" sure holds good when you take time to notice and appreciate the smaller things which often can give you/rekindle that much needed sense of wonder. Stay wonderful!



shalini said...

" God is in details" so superb .. .ur tiny world is no more a tiny world ..ur pics are showing every macro of a macro wonderful to see wonderful and stay ..ur wonderful USTAAD..

Girish Sridhara said...

awesome! inspired me to do some bugs in 3d. will call for reference images when i start.

Sasidhar said...

Nice shots! What macro lens was this?

Sujoy said...

Hayath Beautuful....

Thanks to you we have been able to see things in compleately different light, In step of Life we are actually learning from various things we see..or do not see...