Monday, October 18, 2010

The "macro" weekend

The weekend was a nice one with most roads empty with people thronging temples and busy with the festivities of Dussehra.
Made me think about my shots and thought I would get some of them printed out. Somehow prints capture your attention a LOT more than just digital frames. In order to maximize the number of frames I was gonna print, I went about clicking a few "macros" which could be print worthy

And that brought about a whole lotta ops and photos from the weekend. Some here -

Lotsa critters

Water striders (taken with the Tamron 90, qualifies as a macro? ;) )


Love those eye spots on this beautiful one. Pretty awesome strategy confusin the predators on the attack!

Tiny grasshopper


Some unconventional perches ;)

Jewel bug

Flowers, no matter how cliched; retain their beauty and capturing that has always been a challenge all photogs strive for :)
Attempted some

And the parting shot

Intend to get some large prints done this weekend, and hopefully enthuse more!


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shalini said...

they r superb ustaad...ustaad pics..:) clarity,depth ...detailing..A1..waiting to see the prints..